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American Restaurants In Sacramento

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American cuisine has reflected patterns of various national cooking patterns, from those belonging to Native Americans to Oriental styles, Indian treats, and European traditions.

If you live in Sacramento or are passing through here, you must be interested in where to eat deliciously. There are more than enough such places in the state capital. Today we will tell you about the places where you can eat delicious food and hold an event,  those places that you can visit not only for cooking but also for the atmosphere.

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For starters, this is a Michelin-star restaurant. But this is not the only plus of this place.

The Kitchen offers a set menu of a selection of dishes, updated every evening, and a rich collection of wines and drinks. Every day the restaurant offers dishes according to the season and much more. A list of wines and beverages is also selected every month to match all meals perfectly in the restaurant. Besides the main menu of eight courses, you can choose something from the “intermission” menu. Or visit the chef’s station and choose what suits your taste and current mood. In addition to wines and main dishes, we advise you to try coffee and cheese.

You can also book a private event, party, or meeting for up to 60 people at The Kitchen. It will cost you $155 per person, plus $4000 for drinks (minimum amount) and a $3,500 room fee.

The average cost of a dinner is $135-$150. Keep in mind that this is a premium establishment designed for people who want to get started in fine dining.


By far, the best place to have a BBQ in Sacramento.

Here you can host family events, private parties, and meetings. The restaurant will provide everything you need for a wedding or birthday. The place positions itself as a restaurant for true connoisseurs and lovers of real meat. In addition to meat, barbecue, ribs, and wings, you can order pasta, seafood, and seasonal dishes from local farms.

Every day you can enjoy happy hours with snacks and drinks. For $12, you will have the opportunity to sample local beer, wine, or cocktails and be treated to a burger, French fries, or wings.

Delivery is currently available anywhere in Sacramento.

A bonus is an ability to pre-order meals for Thanksgiving. Turkey, ribs, carrots in maple syrup glaze, and other traditional dishes are in the menu’s special section.


This one of the oldest establishments in America has belonged to the same family throughout its existence. This makes Frank Fat’s an ideal destination for lovers of historical background and family traditions.

Initially, the institution started as a place where people can eat quality and real food. This idea is still supported now, and the twists combine tradition and modern technologies and trends. Sometimes you can feel the echoes of Asian, Italian, and Mexican cuisine in one dish, making the dishes unique.

Happy hours are a nice bonus. Every day from Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 18:00, you can enjoy delicious cocktails, drinks, and snacks at great prices.

In the reviews, visitors write that it is better to book places in advance, and this is the best place in Sacramento to try Chinese cuisine.

The romantic atmosphere and interior and a wide selection of gourmet dishes make this restaurant ideal for romantic parties or intimate dinners.


If you’re a fan of more straightforward, traditional American food, check out Bacon & Batter. The goal of this establishment is to use only local farm products and top quality meat. The menu features fresh pastries, bacon crepes, cinnamon rolls, chocolate biscuits, and banana bread – perfect options to take on the road.

Lovers of healthy food can find exciting options on the menu, because the restaurant serves dishes not only from bacon and butter, as you might think. For breakfast or an early lunch, you can order avocado toast or chia pudding.

Democratic prices, from $3 to $20 and a family atmosphere, one will find all these things here. And the workload at lunchtime is not a problem, because the restaurant has two rooms for receiving guests.


This place is the first restaurant in Sacramento to serve Mexican food and has been successfully doing so for over 25 years.

Centro seats in the heart of the city and the dedication to the authenticity of cooking techniques and the use of the highest quality and freshest ingredients make them the best in their business.  All dishes are ready in the morning, even before the opening of the restaurant.  This rule also applies to meat, corn tortillas, and salsa.  So if you come here for dinner, you can be sure that all dishes are as fresh as possible.  Authentic interior details convey the unique atmosphere of fun and colorfulness of Mexico.

You can host a private event, celebrate a birthday, host a party, or even a work meeting.  A private dining manager will work with you to create the right atmosphere and food for your celebration.

The menu is prepared for each month, taking into account seasonal products.  August, for example, will be the month of tomatoes.

6. KRU 

If you were looking for a place that combines the most excellent Japanese cuisine and modern technology in its dishes, you must visit Kru. Anyone can enjoy one of the many dishes here or hold their private event. Moreover, the restaurant’s management has created its merchandise with the Kru logo and a separate website for selling bottled alcohol. The restaurant is open only for dinners, but the prices here are incredibly affordable, given the ingredients’ original cost.

The history of the creation of the restaurant’s name is fascinating. Kru is simultaneously consonant with the French word cru and the English cru. A ‘Cru’ in French means ‘uncooked.’ This word is a reference to raw fish dishes. A ‘Crew’ in English is about people connected by a common style, aspirations, and trust.

Happy hour is Monday through Friday from four to six. During this time, you will have the chance to taste signature snacks and drinks at even better prices and a 20% discount on all menus.


We hasten to congratulate the true guacamole lovers because Sacramento has a stunning place with fantastic North Mexican cuisine. Tres Hermanas will delight you because 20 years of experience makes itself felt. This place has an incredible selection of dishes and variations of fresh margaritas. Alternatively, people can enjoy Carnitas, Rich Mole Poblano, tacos, and enchiladas. If you don’t want to visit the restaurant itself, you can always take take-out food or order delivery.

The plus is that the staff is polite and the service is as fast as possible.

Keep in mind that on Friday, it is better to take seats and book in advance. Many people want to taste Mexican cuisine at this hour with the whole family. Large portions and fast service make this place ideal for a lunch break. Even if you have less than 30 minutes, you can satisfy your hunger here.


This is a place with authentic American cuisine and a good selection of wines and champagnes. This establishment’s main feature is several menu options; each of you can find dishes typical for a particular time of day. On the breakfast menu, you will find scrambled eggs, waffles, and pancakes with bacon, on the dinner menu, you will find classic and more interesting burgers, barbecues, ribs, and wings.

From Tuesday to Saturday, from two to six, a beautiful promotion is available to visitors. You will receive a $2 discount on cocktails and sandwiches and a $1 discount on beer and burgers.

Another feature of this establishment is that they hold super stylish and trendy brunches from time to time. But keep in mind that it is better to book places for such events in advance, there are a lot of people who want

If you plan a party or private event, check out the catering department for ten or more people.

We highly recommend visiting this place to see the largest selection of mimosas.


A place that has existed in Sacramento since the fifties of the last century welcomes guests. The romantic atmosphere makes this place ideal for a date or a cozy evening with a pleasant company.

Today you can choose from six different menus. There are menus for lunch, dinner, Thanksgiving, a selection of desserts, happy hour dishes, and a unique variety from the chef. The Thanksgiving menu is, of course, seasonal and costs $65 per person.

From Monday to Friday from half-past three to six, there is a happy hour. Be sure to visit the bar at this time! People can taste unique cocktails at great prices and menu items and snacks for happy hour.

The signature menu from the chef is called “Farm on the Fork.” There are five dishes in the selection, which perfectly go together with wine. There are also dishes from pumpkin and other vegetables, meat, and fish. The grocery pack will cost $ 89, while the wine grocery pack will cost $119.


Last but not least. Biba is an Italian restaurant named after its star chef. The restaurant has received many awards, the status of the best restaurant in Sacramento, and has earned visitors’ love.

Biba Caggiano has published 9 of her cookbooks, even hosted her culinary TV show, and opened it in the eighties. Also though this is a gourmet restaurant, there are many simple and quality dishes familiar to everyone. Prices are not quite affordable, but not overpriced either, ranging from $10 to $25. Burrata con Zucca, Calamari Fritti, Pasta, Pollo Alla Milanese are the most demanded dishes. Even real Italians will not distinguish local dishes from their homeland, because the team of this restaurant is true professionals.

The restaurant hosts many different and exciting culinary events. You can visit wine tastings, masterclasses, taste specialties from the chef. The main thing is to sign up in advance because the place is wildly popular.


Sacramento has a wide range of restaurants for every taste because it is a large city and the state’s capital. You can sample authentic American cuisine, local farm produce, Italian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. When choosing a restaurant, you should pay attention to some criteria. If you have children, find out what the restaurant’s policy is in this regard, whether there are a children’s menu, a children’s room, and everything you need for a comfortable family dinner. Also, keep in mind that it is impossible to predict all costs. Some restaurants even charge a fee for opening a bottle of wine. So keep in mind that you may not always and everywhere can find out the exact amount of the bill before they bring it to you. Remember that it is still better to book a table in advance or find out about the workload at one time or another. This is especially important if you want to attend an event or master class.

Naturally, keep in mind that all restaurants have their own visiting rules. Treat this with understanding and follow the rules; this will positively affect your experience of visiting a particular place.

Good luck with choosing the perfect place to dine or host your event.

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