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5 Star’s Victorious March in Winter 2022

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The pandemic of COVID-19 has left no business untouched. The crisis of the pandemic has resulted in many companies reconsidering their strategies of work or even shutting down at all. Despite the beginning of the pandemic being quite unfortunate due to unexpected events, 5 Star Plumbing managed to stay in the industry and now plans the successful continuation of work and attraction of more customers.

Many difficulties were met by the company in the beginning, but ever since 2021 5 Star Plumbing got back into successful business making. It has even managed to become one of the best renovation and plumbing companies in the Sacramento, California area.

COVID-19 has brought many dismissals and cuts of salary all around the world both in small and big businesses. 5 Star Plumbing, on the contrary, has not only managed to keep the workers safe from being unemployed but also has hired new people that helped the team to grow and develop further. The pandemic did not bring many economic troubles to the 5 Start employees and they saved a stable income for them and their families.

The well-being and health of the employees stay in priority for the company and many safety measures are successfully implemented. With healthy workers comes safely provided service. Customers have also been through these tough times, so 5 Star aims and minimizing any risks for them as much as possible.

One of the biggest problems for many people willing to use renovation and plumbing services was a big spike in prices. Not only this industry, but everything on the market got more expensive, while at the same time people got cut from salaries. To keep the clients ensured that they can go to 5 Star Plumbing any time they need to, the company kept the prices at the same level as during the pre-pandemic times. This decision allowed the business to save the trust of the old customers and even invite some of the new ones to the clientele. 

What is more, 5 Star Plumbing makes sure that the professionalism of the team is on top and matches the company’s name. Clients are always provided with professional help and all the projects are completed in high quality. Satisfied clients, happy with the work done by the 5 Star team, leave plenty of positive reviews and recommendations. It is the priority of the business to make sure that every client’s wish comes true and all the project guidelines are followed in the best way.

Despite already being the professionals, 5 Star Plumbing team, including managers and plumbers are encouraged to learn new things constantly. The company’s idea is that all the workers should always have a place for improving skills and knowledge. It is done by getting the best versions of software and having the materials and tools of the best quality. With all of that in store, 5 Star Plumbing gives the best service that the clients wish for.

5 Star Plumbing can proudly claim all of its achievements. Convenient prices, the best equipment, great employee policy, and the personal treatment of each customer make the company one of the most successful ones in the industry. In 2022, the business plans to get even bigger in terms of its accomplishments and by that win the customers’ preference over other companies.

This year, 5 Star Plumbing has a lot in plans. The client base is expected to grow even more. There is also a plan of updating the website page to make it even more user-friendly. The working team is also not forgotten about: they are provided with the best tools to keep the clients happy. 5 Star Plumbing has a plan of development that is considered to be the most successful one in the current conditions.

5 Star team makes sure that all the COVID-19 regulations are followed. Both employees and customers are required to wear masks, measure the body temperature, and keep the social distance. For convenience, customers have different options to choose from, when it comes to getting a consultation: 5 Star can hold it both online and offline. If the clients choose the second option, they get invited to the North Highlands, California office (4616 Roseville Rd #109; company license № 1038276).

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