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5 Star Plumbing On the Rise in 2021

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The global pandemic has affected almost every type of business. The plumbing industry was no exception. Unfortunately, it is known that about 24% of companies have closed, and about 40% are close to this. But despite such disappointing statistics, some companies managed not only to survive but also to achieve excellent performance. A successful example of such a Sacramento plumbing company was 5 Star Plumbing. They continue their successful 2020, and in 2021 they reach new heights.

The company has managed to retain its customers and attract new ones in 2021. The great merit in this is an experienced team of specialists who provide highly qualified plumbing service in Sacramento. All team members not only have the necessary certificates and licenses but also undergo additional training in the company and also constantly improve their skills and methods of work.


5 Star pays special attention to the health and safety of its employees and customers. This has always been one of the priorities of the company, and it became especially important in 2021. All representatives of the company undergo planned medical examinations. In the current situation, it is very important to comply with anti-covid measures, and the company carefully monitors this. All employees work exclusively in masks and disposable gloves; they constantly disinfect their equipment.

The company’s rise in 2021 allowed us to preserve jobs and even create new ones, which is very important for the entire community in Sacramento. In 5 Star, it is customary to reward its employees and provide them with career growth. And even the difficult period of the pandemic could not prevent this.

An updated pricing policy has become one of the major positive points of the company’s growth strategy. By optimizing costs, modernizing processes, and special agreements with subcontractors, 5 Star was able to contain the increase in prices, and in some cases, even reduce them. At the same time, the quality of the services provided and their volume remained at an invariably high level. Of course, these factors attracted customers and left them satisfied. This is evidenced by the many rapturous reviews on the company’s website and other specialized sources.

In their reviews, 5 Star Plumbing customers note the convenience of communication with the company. All employees are sufficiently qualified and competent to provide advice. The company’s website is intuitive and friendly. On it, you can get information on the most common and frequent questions in the field of plumbing, learn about the company’s services, send a request, get advice, see reviews. But even that is not all. Also, one can find there a blog covering the plumbing industry with unique tips for homeowners. The blog will be interesting not only for those who make repairs but also for professionals in the field. Here one can learn about new trends and useful technologies.


The correct policy of the company allows it to remain on the rise in 2021. It continues to constantly improve the level of services provided while not increasing the prices. The advanced training of its employees, lucrative supplier agreements, and modern working methods distinguish the 5 Star. The company continues to pursue growth, no matter what.

To get a consultation or a calculation, customers can contact the office located at 4616 Roseville Rd # 109, North Highlands, CA 95660. It is also possible to contact the company remotely using the order form on the 5 Star Plumbing website, e-mail info@5-starplumbing.com or phone (916) 796-1233. In any case, the competent employees of the company will answer you as soon as possible and provide all the information you are interested in. The contractor’s state license number is 1038276.

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