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15 Sacramento Eateries Recommended by Locals

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If you suddenly happen to be in Sacramento, you should know that you are visiting not only the capital of California but also a place that can boast numerous eateries. They offer a huge variety of delicious options and may impress even the pickiest foodies.

Here, you will discover a melting pot of various bars, restaurants, chophouses, and diners. They will come from different countries and regions: locally produced dishes are as popular as Asian or Mexican cuisine here. The Sacramento region is also well-known for its “farm-to-table” approach: this means that local farmers provide eateries with top-quality products. Sounds fantastic, right?

In our review, you will read about the top 15 places to eat in Sacramento right now. Whether you are a tourist visiting California, learning about the state’s history and catching its vibe, or a traveler for work matters who need to have lunch in a decent place, or a local who wants to discover something new in their own city — we hope our guide will be useful and let you find the perfect spot for grabbing a bite or having a fancy dinner.

1.   The Kitchen Restaurant

Let’s begin with the local cuisine: in this case, we will offer you the “New American” restaurant. This place is currently one of the most popular eateries in Sacramento, and guests here receive some extraordinary experiences. According to the visitors’ reviews, every dish in The Kitchen is a blast of outstanding tastes and textures. The restaurant’s chef is charming, and you won’t leave the place disappointed.

The menu varies from week to week, and the restaurant’s team develops it in accordance with the current season. Don’t be surprised: in total, you will get to try eight different courses, called “acts” and “intermissions”. If you are wondering how New American cuisine looks like, here are some “acts” from this week’s winter menu: “Butter Basted Sea Scallop”, “Butter Poached Sun Fed Ranch Beef Tenderloin”, and “Local Buffalo Milk Mozzarella”.

If you are attracted by the description and interested in visiting, please note that it is crucial to book a table in advance. The place has become famous (which is fair enough), and it is impossible to get inside without a reservation. Of course, it’s not an “everyday” option but a great opportunity to surprise your stomach and have a new gourmet experience, whether you are a Sacramento local or a tourist.

2.   Capitol Garage

Another example of the American eatery in Sacramento is less sophisticated but still very beloved by the locals and tourists. Many visitors note that here, you can try the best burgers in Sacramento, which is already a reason to book a table there and try these burgers by yourself.

The eatery offers different kinds of the menu: for breakfast, dinner, and weekend brunch. All dishes offered can be considered “local cuisine with a dash of Mexican, Italian, or Asian flows”. Traditional eggs, pancakes, and sandwiches for breakfast and brunch; burgers, pasta, and typical appetizers for dinner — you won’t leave the place hungry and will probably be satisfied with all you had here.

Among drinks, you will find a great list of different beers along with wines: bottled and “on-tap”. Besides, you can enjoy some house cocktails, after-dinner drinks, and specials for brunch. The pricing for both food and drinks is also quite fair, and your budget won’t suffer from having dinner or breakfast here.

3.   Alaro Craft Brewery

An interesting approach to Mexican and Spanish cuisines: the menu in Alaro Craft Brewery can be described as a blend of those with Californian bright shades. The place has a pub atmosphere, and the food here fits any beer perfectly. Tacos, tapas, various bites, and a wide range of tapped beers make this place a wonderful option for an easy and lazy American dinner.

But this isn’t everything you get on the list. If you seek something fulfilling and nutritious, main courses (adapted for a pub) are there for you: from traditional grilled cheese sandwiches to the “soup of the day” and seafood plates. Sunday brunches with eggs Benedict, Spanish patatas bravas in a breakfast way, and various sandwiches are also on the menu.

4.   Insight Coffee Roasters

As you can see from the name, this is a coffee place; moreover, it is a place strongly recommended by locals where you can actually have a fantastic cup of coffee.

But it wouldn’t hit our rating if it didn’t have something to eat. This coffee place is amazing for quick breakfasts: it serves sandwiches that will suit all tastes (meat, vegan, veggie, or plain) along with some freshly-made pastries, granola bowls, and parfait.

Coffee lovers will be content after trying Insight’s specialties: pandan, vanilla, sweet, or honey cinnamon latte alongside mocha. Hot chocolate, chai latte, tea, juice, and other drinks are an option for those who are not interested in morning coffee.

5.   Der Biergarten

Because Sacramento is rich and famous for its eateries, you literally can find places from all over the world here; local fans of German cuisine visit Der Biergarten on a daily basis. Traditional German dishes here are represented together with German beer: both typical and uncommon (for example, the pomegranate one).

One of the special features here is an outdoor garden where you can sit and enjoy your meal with a glass of ice-cold beer. Locals and tourists enjoy the atmosphere together with the food quality. The typical German pretzel and sausages with Sauerkraut are on the menu close to “Old-fashioned Dogs” (vegan options available as well).

6.   South

Fried chicken lovers must visit this great eatery with an accent on Southern cuisine. Locals prefer this place for both picking up to-go orders and dining on the weekend. Besides fried chicken in different servings, you can try some pulled pork, ribs, shrimps, salmon, and other specials.

If you are craving something massive, you may enjoy a large burger or sandwich here. To finish the dinner, you can choose from five traditional desserts that include brownies, pies, and puddings. And all these things — from fried chicken plates to desserts — come at an extremely attractive price.

7.   Localis

The Localis inventors explain that their inspiration lies in what the local farmers produce every day. Here, you can have a sophisticated dinner with either seven or 12 courses.

Sacramento residents appreciate the place for new gourmet emotions and experience, and tourists prefer to reserve a table here to taste something purely local — something that they won’t try anywhere else. The dinner will be accompanied by a great choice of different beverages: wines, beers, spirits, and non-alcoholic options, of course.

The kitchen is open for guests’ eyes, and there are even special “Chef counter’s” seats — from here, you will be able to check out how all the dishes are made, step-by-step. If you feel like going to Localis, ensure that you have booked a table in advance: you can make it via the restaurant’s official website.

8.   Frank Fat’s

A truly historical spot with an unusual design, Frank Fat’s offers the gems of Chinese cuisine to its guests. It may be hard to believe, but the restaurant has worked in Sacramento for more than 80 years, since the year 1939.

Every week the menu here changes, and each guest receives it all for a certain price. Dishes impress with their richness and chic. For one, this week’s menu includes cauliflower with beef, spring roll with veggies, green beans with garlic, fried rice with shrimps, and other delicious positions with Asian flow.

Frank Fat’s is more than just one restaurant in Sacramento: Fat Family Restaurant Group has also built eateries in Folsom, Roseville, and other nearby areas. If you have visited Frank Fat’s in Sacramento, your journey continues, and you are willing to visit other places with the same vibe, check out the group’s webpage to find more eateries.

9.   Bacon & Butter

This is an absolute leader of many locals’ rating with places for breakfast and brunch. If you try searching Sacramento eateries, you will see this café on almost every webpage. Of course, we couldn’t avoid including it in our list.

The owners have made it so simple but yet very nice, and the place has everything that a breakfast or brunch eatery should have in California or any other American state: eggs, toasts, waffles, sandwiches, fries, and even more — breakfast burritos, omelet, pastries… This is a perfect example of a “farm-to-table” eatery with good-quality food.

Besides coffee, juice, and other non-alcoholic beverages locals prefer for their breakfast and brunch, here, you can choose from a great selection of wines and beers. Special cocktails are also included, along with the famous Mimosa.

10.   Tower Café

A magnificent place to have brunch with your friends or family, Tower Café is so popular that you will most likely have to queue to get a table there. However, it is worth waiting: late breakfast options are unbelievable here. They include classic options mixed with some eclectic features, so prepare to discover the whole new world of tastes while having French toast, pancakes, or eggs.

It’s not only about a weekend brunch: you can also have breakfast or dinner here. To ensure that you will get through the line, you’d better try going here during weekdays. The place also welcomes kids with a menu specially developed for them. You will probably fall in love with this place: many visitors tend to come back and eat here over and over again.

11.   Kru | Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

It doesn’t matter where you go as a tourist or as a local in Sacramento: from time to time, everybody wants a nice plate of tasty sushi. Kru is the eatery that offers contemporary Japanese dishes: besides the rolls and sushi, you may order some Asian soups and main courses.

The place has Happy Hours, which makes it even more attractive. As a bonus, you also get a long and impressive list of wines, some sake, Japanese whiskey options, and other popular drinks as a great add-on to your sushi or rolls plate.

If you feel like dining at home, the Kru team will be happy to accept your takeaway order and serve it for your pickup. Visitors also underline the team’s hospitality and the chef’s creativity in food serving.

12.   Masullo Pizza

Of course, we couldn’t skip Italian cuisine’s outstanding places in Sacramento, and one of them is Masullo Pizza. Here, you will find Neapolitan pizzas that suit everybody’s taste (vegan, cheese-free, and tomato-free options included). Various salads, appetizers, and daily pasta accompany the main dish here.

Add some great beverages to your pizza: choose from a dozen beers and different wines. Non-alcoholic drinks include interesting options like root beer, apple cider, and kombucha. Here is another bonus: don’t miss out on wine discounts!

13.   Shoku Ramen House

You can easily guess what you can eat here, but believe us, this is one of the best places in Sacramento where you can eat ramen. Locals enjoy eating here because of all the fantastic flavors and offered dishes.

While some people consider that ramen can only be a greasy and unhealthy soup, Shoku proves them all wrong by making hearty portions that still don’t hurt your insides. The place suggests something more than just ramen: you can order appetizers, salads, and other dishes here.

14.   Allora

Another Italian cuisine option but a little bit fancier. Many locals choose it if they have a special occasion to celebrate. Allora describes itself as a modern Italian seafood restaurant & bar and offers not only fantastic food but also a marvelous wine experience.

You can have three, four, or five courses here, and all options are quite exquisite, whether it is antipasti, dessert, pasta, or risotto. Each course has several options to select, and vegans also will have their selection.

The interior lends itself to having a great evening with your beloved ones. Don’t forget to reserve online before you go.

15.   Happy Takeout

Even though you can’t eat inside, as you can understand from this eatery’s name, still, it just has to close our rating. If you are looking for something outstanding and Chinese, you will not regret visiting Happy Takeout. So, those who have no mood to dine somewhere and prefer to spend a cozy evening at home are welcome to order a perfect meal here for takeaway.

In Happy Takeout, you can ask for appetizers; entrees with chicken, shrimp, pork, or beef; fried rice or chow mein with all of the above; and, lastly, the beneficial lunch and dinner combos. Absolutely all dishes cost less than 10 dollars, which is lower than average pricing in the region.

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