Water Line Repair

We are the plumbing company that delivers innovative and advanced plumbing technologies to guarantee efficient and fast main water line repair in addition to other services including underground water line repair. We have a team of certified technicians who can easily handle other complicated tasks like refrigerator water line repair at a reasonable price. Our mission is to let you cut down on repair and installation cost and benefit from a 24-hour plumbing service in Sacramento, California.

We do our work in accordance with the highest safety requirements and standards. Every time you have problems with fresh water pipes made of copper or plastic, if you need to ensure safe and balanced water supplies to your pool or refrigerator, we are here to lend you a fast and efficient plumbing assistance round the clock.

Water Line Repair by 5-Star Plumbing Inc

Pipes can be made of different materials. They include not only plastic and copper, but also PVC. Some pipes are made of iron, which makes the repairing process a bit more complicated and time consuming. If the water line goes down or wears off, you are at risk of suffering from a lack of fresh water supplies that get to your washing machines, icemakers and other household appliance you use every day.

Fresh water pipe services include:

  • Designing the line configuration for a particular house design;
  • Detection of leaking pipes and clogged drains;
  • Video inspection;
  • Old pipes replacement.

Underground plumbing is another type of service delivered by our professional plumbers. The system consists of different parts. They may include:

  • drain pipes and sewer lines;
  • gas and water pipes;
  • other lines located deep underground below the basement.

Every type of line should meet specific regulations when it comes to repairing and installation works. Otherwise, you may put your life at risk and worsen the living conditions in your house.

Trenchless water line repair is another our specialization when it comes to efficient plumbing services. We use not only traditional repair and replacement methods but also opt for new techniques that result in less mess and are also less time-consuming. 5-Star Plumbing never stop developing and expanding its professional horizons. We plan our services in advance to consider the territory, possible obstacles and other factors to avoid the slightest risk of damage.

Why Choose Our Company for Plumbing Repair Services

Fair Costs, 24/7

5-Star Plumbing brings a set of guarantees to make our customers confident regarding the result. Whether you need to replace your shut-off valve or install a new gasket, we are always here round the clock any time of the day and night.

Plumbing Video Inspections

We never charge hidden fees. Our customers always know what they pay for. We use special pipe cameras to display the plumbing problem in real time. And never overcharge our clients.

Certified Plumbers

Looking for a professional team of plumbers available for hire 24/7? You have come to the right place. Here at 5-Star Plumbing we have a pool of proven and certified technicians able to handle any problem ranging from leak detection to bathtub replacement.

Trusted Plumbing Services

Numerous positive testimonials by previous customers, dozens of successfully completed projects, trustworthy reputation and other features let us stand out from the crowd.

Emergency Plumbing Services

The sooner your plumbing problems are fixed, the less money you will have to spend on repairing works. For this reason, emergency plumbing services will put an ease on your wallet 24/7. We keep on working when everyone is letting their hair down.

Benefits of Working with the 5-Star Plumbing Inc

  • Professional Independent Installers
  • Labor Is Guaranteed
  • Comprehensive Installation
  • Special Financing Options *


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Customer Reviews

After the rain for some time my lawn was still very wet. After some time I realized that the water on my lawn was not from the rain. Got a few professional opinions and they told me its from the main water line. Peter came and dug it up and found that the leak was from the 90 angle by the house. He worked hard for a good few hours and gave me a very reasonable price.


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