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Are you fed up with enormous water and electricity bills? Would you like to have a more efficient solution and start enjoying the significant energy savings? A tankless water heater is a good idea. People can benefit from a wide option of water heating equipment today. Some more pricey models come up with a better durability while cheaper variants wear off faster.

It does not matter whether you need to install a brand new electric heater in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room or you need to replace or repair the existing one, our plumbing service company is certainly the right place to look for professional assistance. We deliver a 24-hour plumbing help around Sacramento, California. Affordable prices and professional technicians are additional benefits in favor of our company.

Tankless Water Heater Replacement by 5-Star Plumbing Inc

Why are tankless heaters a better option if compared with traditional models that typically feature additional tank? They need a larger volume of water in order to provide a constant and convenient water temperature. It results in bigger water bills.

Moreover, such equipment usually consumes more energy, as it needs to keep the necessary temperature level of the entire water volume kept in the tank. Tankless heater starts heating water instantly whether you need it on demand or on a continuous basis.

In spite of all benefits, water heaters go down due to various reasons. This is where you may need to replace or repair them as soon as possible and ensure convenient conditions in your house for you and your family. Installing tankless water heater will hardly take our plumbers much time. They will easily install a new model or repair the existing one if necessary.

Indoor Water Heater Benefits

In spite of all benefits we have already discussed, this type of equipment can be even more beneficial for your home. In addition to saving money and reducing your water and energy bills, it leaves more space at home for your and the members of your family.

These water heater systems do not occupy much space and rather easy to use. As they do not consist of huge loading tanks, they do not need extra space. Feel free to place them in the basement or somewhere else.

Tankless water heating system has already proved to be more efficient and durable if compared with traditional heaters. As a rule, they will serve you at least 10 years longer. This fact makes them a wise investment. However, they can still break down due to hard water, damages, changes of water pressure and other reasons. Just hire our professional plumber and benefit from a high-quality service at affordable price. We are always ready to handle installation of a new heater, replacement and maintenance 24 days a week.

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Here at 5-Star Plumbing we handle all possible plumbing problems. Contact us in case you need to have your pipes replaced or leaking repaired. We deal with dripping drains, bathroom and kitchen fixtures installation and more.

Plumbing Video Inspections

Leaking pipes are rather hard to identify, as they are generally located behind the walls. We use special cameras to detect cracked pipes and dropping drains at short notice. The slightest delay can lead to thousands of gallons wasted as well as enormous bills.

Certified Plumbers

Here at 5-Star Plumbing we are rather picky when inviting new candidates to join our team. We work with certified and experienced plumbers only to meet our clients expectations. All new specialists pass special tests and examinations before they start working in our company.

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We deliver high-quality plumbing services for many years. Our company managed to gain a good reputation around Sacramento, California. You can come across numerous positive reviews and testimonials about our work on the web.

Emergency Plumbing Services

What would you do if you have your pipes cracked at night? The water is everywhere and there is no one to help. Luckily for you, we provide emergency plumbing services at a reasonable price 24/7/365.

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