sewer drain cleaning

sewer drain cleaning

Plumbing-related issues can affect the life of your family members in a huge way. We all seek for convenience, safety and comfort when it comes to our homes. A sewer drain system that works properly is an inevitable part of your comfortable and safe life. It plays a vital role in the entire plumbing operation. If you notice the slightest problems, you urgently need sewer and drain cleaning.

Our plumbing experts are always here to provide a 24-hour plumbing help at a reasonable price. We are your personal sewer and drain cleaner in case you live in Sacramento, California. 5-Star is a sewer and drain cleaning company featuring a team of certified technicians always available for hire.


As a rule, the main problems with sewer drain are the result of a simple buildup. It is usually caused by debris, dirt and minerals deposits. At the same time, food processing can also be the reason of clogged drains as well as hard water and other possible reasons. Inspection camera can detect different problems including organic matters that interact with a normal water pressure, temperature and supply.

5-Star Plumbing experts implement the latest methods and plumbing techniques to ensure 100% quality service. We use water jetting at different levels of pressure to remove all the waste that is collected in the drain. We alter the pressure degrees and break up all the staff that may be the main cause of blockage.

If you face some more serious problems that a simple blockage, have no worries. 5-Star Plumbing has some more tools to help. We use innovative methods to examine the sewer drains and make the right diagnosis. Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day and we will let you handle any plumbing problem no matter if it occurs in the kitchen or in the bathroom. We have enough experience and tools to deal with commercial drain cleaning as well.

Whether you work in a food service industry or have another business dependent on proper sewer drain operation, we are always here to help. Affordable prices, certified plumbers and high-quality services guarantees are the main benefits in favor of our company. Contact us now!