leak Detection repair

leak Detection repair

The slightest leak in your basement, kitchen or bathroom can result in dreadful consequences. It can lead to different problems including increased water bills, damaged floors, valuables and walls. Moreover, 2 inches of leaking water from your pipes may cause a spread of mold all around your house.

In other words, the sooner you opt for a professional plumbing service for a water leak repair, the less consequences damages will lead to. Hailing from Sacramento, California, 5-Star plumbing is a team of certified experts. Our every plumber is available on a 24-hour basis 7 days a week. We guarantee the same affordable prices anytime even if you need emergency water leak detection service.


Our aim is to minimize repair cost and damages. For this reason, our plumbers are experienced enough to handle with any of the following plumbing problems:

  • Bathroom Leak Repair – the main problem about leaking pipes is the difficulty to detect the leak. The source may be out of sight, which makes it hard to make diagnosis. As a rule, toilet, basement, kitchen and bathroom supply lines are hidden behind the walls. Moreover, they leak silently in most cases. We use the most innovated techniques and methods to detect the slightest sign of the problem. Our experts use special thermal imaging and acoustic microphones in order not miss the slightest spot suffered from damages;
  • Kitchen Leak Repair – a leaky sink is also hard to detect. Moreover, some people mistakenly underestimate the problem considering it’s not a big deal; however, a minor leak can result in huge water costs and wastes up to 2000+ gallons. Our mission is to put an ease on your wallet with the help of efficient leak detection service implementation;
  • Outdoor Pipe Repair – leaking into the surrounding area is hardly a pleasant surprise. It can lead to unsanitary conditions, bacteria and other associated consequences for your pets and children who love to play outdoors. We will fix your sewer water lines at the most reasonable price.

We guarantee the most fair approach. Our plumbers provide a detailed pipe and faucet report featuring images and photos made by a pipe camera. You will be able to evaluate the complexity of repair works we need to complete. The equipment includes endoscopic cameras letting us examine small corners and potentially dangerous spots. We use special devices to measure the level of moisture and detect damp. Our experts check the level of pressure as well as conduct air and wet tastings.