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Convenient Solutions for Cooling Off Without Central Air

If you live in a home that has no central air, you might believe that your only option for cooling off is an unattractive window unit. However, ductless split air conditioners are an effective way to be comfortable without having your window space claimed by a machine. 5 Star can install ductless air conditioners, and our HVAC pros are ready to help you find the best one for your home today.

The Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioners

Unlike a window or baseboard unit, ductless air conditioners attach to a wall. These units only require a small hole to function, so they are simple to install. Because of this, they also allow much less air leakage than other ductless systems. Because they don’t sit in a window, ductless split coolers are also an opportunity to increase the security of your home.

Ductless AC Systems are great for the following:

  • Homes which have costly electric heat that will also need air conditioning
  • Old homes and commercial buildings with no ductwork
  • Homes with expensive fuel costs and low system efficiency
  • Homes with new additions
  • Rooms that are not frequently used and do not need constant climate control
  • New homes in areas with expensive utility costs

Since ductless split coolers have less opportunity to leak cooled air, they can also be much more efficient! Compressors in ductless systems have special features that keep them from shutting down frequently like in duct systems. As a result, they use less energy.

5 Star finds the best solutions possible for the people who trust us with their HVAC systems. We’re ready to come to your home, evaluate its HVAC capabilities, and determine if a ductless split air conditioning system is right for you.

Our team handles every step of the ductless air conditioning process, from selection to installation. Once the unit is in your home, we’re also ready to help you ensure its reliability through regular maintenance.

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