Gas Line Repair & Installation

Whether you need a gas line installation in a new home or replace an existing one, you will need the assistance of certified plumbers. If you decide to fix the gas line in the kitchen on your own, you can put your life and lives of your family members at risk. Working with gas lines can be extremely dangerous.

This is why opting for a proven and reliable plumbing service in Sacramento, California is a good idea if you want to get rid of all plumbing problems. It does not matter if you need a simple repair of your fireplace or smell propane, we are ready to help on the 24-hour basis. We offer affordable price and work with different projects no matter if you have a flexible has line or copper made one.

Gas Line Repair & Installation Service by 5-Star Plumbing Company

We are forced to rely on a gas line 24 hours a day. We cook on the kitchen, we use water heaters and other equipment for homes to make our living as comfortable and safe as possible. If you want your lines to operate properly and safe, the installation process must be held by professionals.

5-Star Plumbing introduces well-trained technicians who can easily handle any fixture. Pipes and lines can be damaged due to several reasons including tree roots, damages and corrosion. The lines can also wear off from time to time. We deliver professional gas line replacement service 24 hours a day. Stay away from the slightest risk of danger or explosion and reduce the repair cost with the help of our company. Our plumbers are available for hire anytime in case of emergency.

We provide different types of gas line repairing services depending on configuration, building structure and other vital factors:

  • Gas line installation in new constructions and buildings;
  • Gas line examination and safety checks;
  • Accessories and gas line equipment;
  • Emergency gas line repair and installation.

We use advanced equipment and techniques to detect and eliminate the slightest problem with your gas line. We have a huge track record of successfully completed projects related to repair and installation of gas lines all around Sacramento.

Why Choose Our Company for Plumbing Repair Services

Fair Costs, 24/7

We are specialized in providing emergency plumbing help whenever you need to repair your leaking pipes or install new ones. We deal with initial installation as well as replacement. Whether your pipes are made of plastic or copper, we guarantee high-quality services.

Plumbing Video Inspections

Why is video inspection necessary? It provides plumbing problem insights directly to the customer. It also makes it clear why we charge particular prices for the services. Clients are able to monitor the plumbing fixtures together with our technicians.

Certified Plumbers

In spite of numerous offers on the web, a few plumbers can really handle serious problems like leak detection and pipe replacement. Our technicians meet the highest standards and are certified specialists. There is no problem they cannot solve.

Trusted Plumbing Services

We are a reputable and trustworthy team of dedicated plumbers ready to proceed with necessary repair, installation and replacement anytime you may need us.

Emergency Plumbing Services

We do care about our customers as well as their convenience at home. None of the plumbing problems can spoil your vacation or a birthday party for your kids. Call us and we will come and immediately identify the leaking source, fix pipes or replace the toilet.

Benefits of Working with the 5-Star Plumbing Inc

  • Professional Independent Installers
  • Labor Is Guaranteed
  • Comprehensive Installation
  • Special Financing Options *


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Customer Reviews

Friday the gas company came and shut off our gas because of some gas leak. They told us to call out a plumber to repair the line before they can turn out gas back on. Started calling around looking for a same day appointment. 5-Star Plumbing sent out a tech to perform a gas test. After thorough search he found it!! The tech had to leave to get some machine from the office they they can replace a part of the gas line that was leaky. I was able to get my gas turned on later that evening. WOW! I never thought it would be resolved SO fast. Thank you 5- Star!

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