Sewer Inspection Company

Sewer Inspection Company in Sacramento City

Pipe inspection camera has recently turned into the latest plumbing innovation. Its main benefit is the ability to identify different plumbing problems, damages and other pitfalls without any guesswork. For plumbers, it means the ability to make the right diagnosis in 100% of occasions and provide a better level of plumbing service in Sacramento, California.

Pipe and sewer lines can hide plenty of things from us. For this reason, it is often extremely hard to enable an efficient troubleshooting. A waterproof sewer inspection camera is a good solution to this problem. It can get to the places that are hard to reach. Moreover, it lets our customers see what they are paying for and what problems we are going to solve.

Sewer Inspection Service in Sacramento City


Why is camera inspection so popular among professional plumbers today? What are the main benefits of the new pipe testing method? How does it work?

  • Speed – it takes less time to detect the problem and eliminate every pitfall or malfunction in your sewer or pipe line;
  • Accuracy – the diagnosis is always right. There is no guesswork when it comes to sewer camera;
  • Safety – we never use any equipment to cut into your walls. Inspection cameras do not call for any additional holes in your house. At the same time, it lets us come up with a more efficient indoor plumbing;
  • Prevention – prevention is the only way for householders to reduce their repair cost. The sooner you will find the problem. the more efficient troubleshooting will be. The camera lets us easily make diagnosis before the situation gets out of control;
  • Saving – you will be amazed to know how much you overpay for water and electricity in case of the slightest plumbing problem. If you are fed up with growing water bills and you want to cut down on your costs, camera inspection will be your first step to a happy and trouble free life.

We use only latest technologies to ensure 100% stable water pressure, temperature and other parameters of your water line. Inspection cameras let us show the customers real situation inside their pipes and have a true value for their conditions and proper operation. Such technique lets us provide the most fair pricing and make our plumbing service as affordable as possible.