Water Softener & Filter Installation Service

Are you already familiar with the soapy residue in your kitchen or bathroom around the shower and sink? Have you ever tried to scrub it off? The task is impossible. Hard water is the main reason of your sufferings.

Water softener repair seems to be the only way to get rid of it. If you need a water filter replacement as well, contact our team of professional plumbers and hire us on 24-hour basis. We work 7 days a week ready to handle your plumbing malfunctions round the clock.

Hard water contains plenty of minerals. The interact with the soap and damage your sink, bathroom, faucets, pipes and other fixtures of the plumbing system. A water softener installation will let you steer clear of such annoying problems once and for all. If you avoid it, the soapy scum may get to the drains and clog them. In this case, PUR water filter replacement will cost you more. We guarantee the same price anytime in Sacramento, California.

Water Softener and Filter Installation by 5-Star Plumbing Inc

Clogged or leaking pipes result in pressure drops and ripping, which can lead to enormous water bills. A simple water softener can fix the situation. Our professional plumbers will handle replacement water filters to reduce your cost.

A softener acts as a terminator of consequences caused by hard water. At the same time, it improves your laundry making it fluffy and dry. Its major advantage is the ability to prolong appliance durability and lifespan. Your household equipment will serve you longer as well as perform better.

Tips to Prevent Hard Water Consequences

A water filter is the best way to prevent all harmful consequences from hard water. It will hold all contaminants and won’t let them get back to the water pipe. Having a properly secured plumbing system is vital for modern householders. If you need, our plumbers will proceed with the backflow testing to make sure there is no danger for your pipes and drains. The service is available round the clock.

Do not try to fix the problem of hard water and backflow by yourself. Do not try to repair softeners and filters on your own. The process is rather challenging. It calls for special technical skills and experience. We use modern equipment to detect and eliminate the slightest problem. We use special pipe camera to identify any contaminants in the water supply system and prevent them from backflow.

Contact us in case you want to ensure your house safety. We will do our best to keep it clean and away from danger. A water filter and softener appear to be a smart idea for the house. It will keep you away from any plumbing problems in future.

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Fair Costs, 24/7

5-Star Plumbing brings a set of guarantees to make our customers confident regarding the result. Whether you need to replace your shut-off valve or install a new gasket, we are always here round the clock any time of the day and night.

Plumbing Video Inspections

We never charge hidden fees. Our customers always know what they pay for. We use special pipe cameras to display the plumbing problem in real time. And never overcharge our clients.

Certified Plumbers

Looking for a professional team of plumbers available for hire 24/7? You have come to the right place. Here at 5-Star Plumbing we have a pool of proven and certified technicians able to handle any problem ranging from leak detection to bathtub replacement.

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Numerous positive testimonials by previous customers, dozens of successfully completed projects, trustworthy reputation and other features let us stand out from the crowd.

Emergency Plumbing Services

The sooner your plumbing problems are fixed, the less money you will have to spend on repairing works. For this reason, emergency plumbing services will put an ease on your wallet 24/7. We keep on working when everyone is letting their hair down.

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Customer Reviews

I live in Davis and the water around here isn't the best. I was looking into water filtration systems and purchased a Pelican Full House system. After getting a few quotes, 5-Star beat all of them by far. scheduled an appointment and the tech showed up on time and ready to work. He explained the whole process and made sure where exactly I wanted it located. Took him about half a day and he was done. It looks really neat and he had a bypass installed with a bunch of valves. Looks kinda complicated but neat at the same time. Won't hesitate to call them in the future.


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