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* Lifetime warranty on workmanship. All materials used have their own warranty from the manufacturer.
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Homeowners in Sacramento, California often call to our company looking for a professional plumber for hire. They sometimes need to replace their heaters as well as install new ones when it comes to a new house. We all want to live in comfort and have hot running water round the clock. Water heaters can be a good solution to this problem. However, they may wear off or break down due to various reasons.

In this case, you may need a professional plumber to replace or fix your plumbing equipment as soon as possible. You may not see the problem with a naked eye, but the water and electricity bills constantly go up. This is the first sing you need a water heater replacement in order to reduce your cost and ensure convenient living conditions for the entire family.

Water Heater Replacement by 5-Star Plumbing Inc

Equipment gets older and is more affected by sediment buildup. A heated water leaves minerals like magnesium and calcium that gathers on the walls of the heater. In other words, a tank needs more power to heat the water up to a necessary temperature. It results in overloads and higher electricity bills.

In order to avoid any of that, you need to perform a regular inspection of your sediment buildup. On the other hand, it will never guarantee a trouble-free heater operation. Once it goes down, do not hesitate and call our professional plumbers, as gas heater malfunctions may lead to horrible consequences. Never put your family at risk and benefit from a professional plumbing service at affordable price.

When Is The Time to Replace Your Heater?

As a rule. we recommend replacing the heater at least once in 12 years. After this period, they start losing their efficiency and are more prone to pitfalls and operating failures. Lao keep in mind that water heating equipment is in the list of the most consuming techniques in your home when it comes to electricity and energy.

They cover 25% of the entire energy consumption in your house. When a heater goes down or gets out-of-date it starts consuming even more energy resulting in higher bills. You need to have it replaced or fixed as soon as possible. Never wait for the moment when the heater will eventually fail to deliver hot water. Call us now to save your money.

We provide a full-scale plumbing service and handle with different types of water heaters. Our plumbers will successfully complete the installation or repair process as well as help you pick the right variant for your needs. Our plumbers are proven experts when it comes to:

  • gas water heaters installation;
  • tankless water heater repair;
  • electric water heaters services and more.

We are also specialized in repairing commercial water heaters and are always ready to deliver affordable and high-quality plumbing assistance in spite of the fixture.

Why Choose Our Company for Plumbing Repair Services

Fair Costs, 24/7

We at 5-Star Plumbing Inc represent a team of professional plumbers ready to lend you a hand anytime you have plumbing issues. Full-scaled repairing and installation services are delivered 24/7. Feel free to contact us and order professional assistance.

Plumbing Video Inspections

Best technologies and methods let us easily detect and eliminate the slightest plumbing problem. Our experts use pipe cameras and other equipment to identify the slightest damaged spot effortlessly. We always make the right diagnosis and find the cure.

Certified Plumbers

Once you need to have your pipes or toilet replaced, you need to opt for certified professionals only. Never try to handle your plumbing problems on your own to avoid higher costs. 5-Star Plumbing introduces a team of dedicated and professional plumbers always ready to help.

Trusted Plumbing Services

When you need to have your car repaired, you are looking for a professional assistance only. The same goes with plumbing services. Avoid hiring amateurs and opt for a trusted company like 5-Star Plumbing.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumbing problems often come unexpectedly. You can never predict leaking pipes or dripping drains. However, have no worries about it! Our team is ready to set off 24/7. We provide urgent plumbing help round the clock.

Benefits of Working with the 5-Star Plumbing Inc

  • Professional Independent Installers
  • Labor Is Guaranteed
  • Comprehensive Installation
  • Special Financing Options *


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I had a water heater that started leaking my neighbor recommended 5-Star Plumbing. I was not disappointed. Their prices were very reasonable and job was done quick and professional. Thank you 5-Star.

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