Toilet Installation Service

The toilet is supposed to deliver years of trouble-free service at home or in the office. However, you will certainly need toilet replacement from time to time. Here at 5-Star Plumbing, we deliver premium services provided by a team of experienced plumbers. We will help you to handle different problems including clogged drain, leaking pipes or initial toilet installation from scratch for your new home.

Whether you are planning to refresh or redesign your bathroom, a broken bidet or other plumbing fixtures like faucets, button or fittings should be at the top of your list. You will need to replace toilet in case of any of the following signs:

  • A cracked seat, bowl or tank;
  • Too many frequent repairs and mechanical malfunctions;
  • Drains are clogged consistently.

Contact us in case you need certified plumbers when it comes to replacing a toilet.

Toilet Installation and Replacement by 5-Star Plumbing Inc

You should know exactly when it is time to handle your plumbing problems before installing a toilet. Keep an eye on some common signs that make it obvious you need to opt for plumbing services:

  • A toilet may rock or move when you seat. Do not underestimate possible consequences of the problem. Once rocking movements will get to a certain point, your toilet will be leaking. It is always better to prevent the problem beforehand;
  • An increased level of wetness is another sign of a pipe leaking as well as dark stains around the room;
  • Discolored or wrapped ceiling above the toilet is another sign of water leaking.

Always keep an eye on the spot around the bowl to check it for seepage. Once you notice any of the above-mentioned, contact our plumbing service anytime. We operate on a 24-hour basis in Sacramento, California.

When Should You Replace or Install The Toilet?

A high-quality toilet may serve you up to 30 years. However, we recommend a thorough inspection at least once in 10 years. The lifespan can vary in according with water quality (whether it is soft or hard), cleaning substances you use, chemicals, etc.

The material also matters. Toilets are usually made of porcelain. This type of material can boast a long lifespan and durability. The major problems are regarding mechanical parts like handles, buttons, flappers and staff like that. They rarely serve more than 5 years and call for regular replacement.

Today’s toilets feature better and more functional design. A variety of models is overwhelming. They come with a better flushing system and require less water. At the same time, you can still find some reliable models at affordable prices. No matter what you choose, always keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. If you have any plumbing problems, feel free to contact us.

Why Choose Our Company for Plumbing Repair Services

Fair Costs, 24/7

It does not matter if you need plumbing help at night or during the day. 5-Star plumbers are available 24/7. Just call us and we will show up to fix or replace your toilet, sink, bidet or any other plumbing fixture.

Plumbing Video Inspections

5-Star Plumbing guarantees efficiency and accuracy when providing our plumbing services. Modern technologies and advanced equipment have brought our service to a new level. This fact makes us the best choice in Sacramento.

Certified Plumbers

Have you noticed water in the sink changing its color? Is there a strange noise from your toilet? Has the water pressure changed? Have no worries! You can hardly have the plumbing problem our certified specialists cannot handle!

Trusted Plumbing Services

Looking for a trusted and reputable plumbing service provider? You are at the right place. We cooperate with hundreds of householders in Sacramento, California and have a great value for their appreciation. 5-Star Plumbing is probably the most recognizable company in the borough.

Emergency Plumbing Services

We will let you take the pressure off yourself and benefit from urgent plumber’s assistance delivered on time. Just contact us and leave your address. We will detect and eliminate all plumbing problems using the latest techniques and equipment.

Benefits of Working with the 5-Star Plumbing Inc

  • Professional Independent Installers
  • Labor Is Guaranteed
  • Comprehensive Installation
  • Special Financing Options *


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Marvin did a great job and was willing to help above and beyond expectations.


After a party on the weekend I noticed a leak in my ceiling. Called 5-Star plumbing and the came out to take a look. I was really hesitant about cutting into the sheetrock and I asked the plumber if there was another way to solve the problem. He looked around and after a few minutes he figured the leak was coming from upstairs toilet. Told me he would have to reset the toilet and the problem would go away. When the toilet was removed he called me showed me that the seal was bad and that was why I was getting the leak downstairs. Within the hour the plumber was done with reinstalling the toilet and he also put sealant around the base which looked really clean.

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