Plumbing Installation & Replacement Services

Every time you notice your faucets are dripping or you need to have your shower or bathroom fixtures updated, our certified plumbers will handle the problem. Some fixtures may not work effectively due to the fact they are worn out or out-of-date. For this reason, you may need to replace them and install the new ones. This is where we can help.

Always keep in mind that even the slightest drain and  sewer updates will get the property value to a higher level at once. Grab your chance to increase the level of your comfort at home as well as boost the energy efficiency. Leaks and floods are often the main cause of damages in the kitchen or bathroom. Contact us if you want to prevent or solve these plumbing problems.

Plumbing Installation Services by 5-Star Plumbing Inc

We guarantee we’ll get the job done right the first time. 100% predictable cost and easy online price calculator will let you plan your spending in advance.

Out-of-date faucets can turn out to be the cause of main damages in your house. The sooner you will contact us to replace or fix them, the less cost to replace plumbing you’ll get.

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Once you need to replace a faulty garbage disposal, our professionals are here to lend you hand. We will also handle its first ever installation in your new house or apartment.

Make your kitchen look modern and stylish. A new sink will make it shine like a star. We will cope with the installation and replacement process as well as check the pipes and handle installing plumbing.

Once your main shut-off valve is out-of-date, it will not be able to completely stop the water flow resulting in higher bills and water leaking. We are able to fix this problem.

Our team is the best choice whenever you need to replace your old water lines. We use special techniques that do not call for huge holes at the beginning and the end of pipes.

Do you need to clean your water filters? No problem! Our service is available 24/7 to let you continue drink clean water anytime.

The major reason for your shower leaking can be an out-of-date valve. Our experts will repair it or install a new one to get you rid of this annoying plumbing problem.

We are always here whenever you need to complete your bathroom renovations. A new sink is a good way to refresh the inner look and forget about all leaking problems.

Would you like to have an unlimited access to hot water whenever you need? Are you fed up with enormous water heating bills? Tankless water heater installation is the best solution to all these problems.

We will help you with any toilet installation issues no matter if you just need to move your soil stack to a more convenient location or install a brand new toilet.

If your water heater is approaching the end of its lifespan or you need to install a new one, contact us to benefit from affordable heater installation and replacement service.

Undoubtedly, hard water is always a real detriment to all the pipes and fixtures. We will install all necessary water-softening equipment that will let you forget about hard water problems for good.

Why Choose Our Company for Plumbing Repair Services

Fair Costs, 24/7

We at 5-Star Plumbing Inc represent a team of professional plumbers ready to lend you a hand anytime you have plumbing issues. Full-scaled repairing and installation services are delivered 24/7. Feel free to contact us and order professional assistance.

Plumbing Video Inspections

Best technologies and methods let us easily detect and eliminate the slightest plumbing problem. Our experts use pipe cameras and other equipment to identify the slightest damaged spot effortlessly. We always make the right diagnosis and find the cure.

Certified Plumbers

Once you need to have your pipes or toilet replaced, you need to opt for certified professionals only. Never try to handle your plumbing problems on your own to avoid higher costs. 5-Star Plumbing introduces a team of dedicated and professional plumbers always ready to help.

Trusted Plumbing Services

When you need to have your car repaired, you are looking for a professional assistance only. The same goes with plumbing services. Avoid hiring amateurs and opt for a trusted company like 5-Star Plumbing.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumbing problems often come unexpectedly. You can never predict leaking pipes or dripping drains. However, have no worries about it! Our team is ready to set off 24/7. We provide urgent plumbing help round the clock.

Customer Reviews

  • Impressed! For some time I was planning to replace my bathtub but kept putting it off because I thought was would be a huge pricy job. Got a few quotes and found that 5-Star Plumbing had the lowest quote. Peter and Oleg, two technicians came and replaced my bathtub. They completed the job within few hours. I was really impressed how easy they made the job look. If only I knew earlier I would have had a new tub long time ago.

  • After a party on the weekend I noticed a leak in my ceiling. Called 5-Star plumbing and the came out to take a look. I was really hesitant about cutting into the sheetrock and I asked the plumber if there was another way to solve the problem. He looked around and after a few minutes he figured the leak was coming from upstairs toilet. Told me he would have to reset the toilet and the problem would go away. When the toilet was removed he called me showed me that the seal was bad and that was why I was getting the leak downstairs. Within the hour the plumber was done with reinstalling the toilet and he also put sealant around the base which looked really clean.

  • Was going to replace a hose bib in the backyard and went to shut off the main valve and I realized it wasn't shutting properly. Thats an issue with gate valves most of the time. 5-Star Plumbing tech came out and replaced my main shut off valve with a new quality ball valve. He even replaced my hose bib while he was here.

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