Full House Water Repiping

If you live in Sacramento, California and need to remove or repair your pipe in the basement, bathroom or kitchen, 5-Star Plumbing Inc is certainly the best solution to the problem. Sewer pipes can often crack or burst. The issue can appear to be more costly than you imagine. The price of plumbing pipe repair may be lower if you hire a professional plumber in advance and avoid more serious risks of leaking and dripping.The lifespan of pipes depends on their material. Some are made of copper while others are of other materials. We handle all types of repair works including polybutylene pipe replacement.


  • The major causes of damage may include:
  • Galvanized copper pipes are more prone to corrosion and rust. Both lead to bathtub plumbing pipes damage;
  • Plastic pipes often suffer from breakdowns and crack in multiple areas. Such breakdowns usually result from inappropriate installation;
  • Pipes made of plastic may crack due to extreme water temperatures.

In spite of all advantages, all pipes tend to crack or break. Any material will hardly guarantee 100% quality and durability. Moreover, pipes are influenced by other factors like ground pressure, water temperature, inner water pressure and more.


5-Star Plumbing experts deal with all types of sewer systems. We can access any pipe using advanced techniques and methods. We consider the layout of your property and handle any of the following:

  • Pipe Relining – this method includes replacement of your pipes from the inside. It lets easily repair existing pipes and eliminate the signs of damages including cracks, clogs and more. Our plumbers will clean your pipes and apply the lining;
  • Bursting – this method is the best solution in case your pipes have suffered a severe damage. In this case, we will install a new pipe through the existing one. Such method will let us avoid further damages and break apart.

We provide a 24-hour service at the most affordable prices. We guarantee the same cost anytime in addition to high-quality repair or replacement.