Drain Cleaning Services

5-Star Plumbing has been providing plumbing and drain cleaning services since 2017. We use modern and advanced drain cleaning equipment that will cut its way through the pipe and restore a proper water flow. Emergency drain cleaning service will get you rid of water pressure drops and other problems that can result from clogged drains in the kitchen or bathroom.

The drains may clog over time due to fat, soap and other substances. They can stay on the inner side of the pipe walls and turn out to be the main reason for a flow blockage. It can also lead to bacterial and biological threat as well as annoying stinky smell you will hardly appreciate at home. Contact us and we will send you a plumber who is a certified technician.

Drain Cleaning Services by 5-Star Plumbing Inc

If you notice that water flow is not right, a clog is very likely to happen. A blockage can be caused by formations on the inner walls of the pipes. However, we need to know for sure. This is why we use a drain camera to make the right diagnosis. Our experts do not guess. They detect and eliminate the problem to make sure it never bothers you again.

The first stage is to identify the location of the drain clog. It is the only way to fix it. Our technicians use a special camera lens. As a rule, the they range from 2” and 1.5” in diameter. It depends on your pipe dimensions. The camera looks like an eyeball.

It helps to check the offsets between joints of your pipes. You water line consists of sections. Sometimes the pipe can be pushed in different directions due to weather conditions outside your house. It can lead to broken joints. Tree roots invading your pipes are another common problem. The camera will help to detect the cause as well. We can also detect corrosion as well as pipes that have been bent or crushed.

We provide full-scale plumbing services at the most reasonable price. Feel free to contact us in case of emergency. Our plumbers will handle any problems including kitchen and bathroom drain cleaning. We will check everything from your bathtub and shower to dishwasher on the cause of clogged pipes. Sinks are often filled with toothpaste and soap. Other locations have their own challenges like toilet drains filled with toilet paper. Our experts will eliminate any of that.

Other common problems include basement and utility room drain clogs. As a rule, laundry rooms are located in the basement. Utility room drains are usually located in the garages and driveways. Different types of debris and dirt are usual guests there. They often fill the pipes and result in water blockage. The drain camera will help to detect and eliminate them.

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Fair Costs, 24/7

We are the only company in Sacramento, California that is able to deliver plumbing services and installation round the clock. Contact us any time of the day or night if you want to fix pipes, detect leaking spots and replace plumbing fixtures at the highest quality.

Plumbing Video Inspections

We guarantee fair pricing, as you will be able to observe the plumbing problem at full swing. Our plumbers provide detailed reports describing the problem and indicating its exact location with the help of special pipe lenses.

Certified Plumbers

The only way to get high-quality plumbing services at a reasonable price is to hire professional plumbers. If you live in Sacramento, California, our company is ready to provide a team of certified experts and technicians available 24/7.

Trusted Plumbing Services

We represent a company you can certainly trust. Our team of certified plumbers can boast hundreds of successfully completed projects in Sacramento, California. Once you need professional plumbing assistance, call us anytime.

Emergency Plumbing Services

How are we different from other plumbing companies? We never stick to the idea of working at convenient hours. Our plumbers are always available for higher. Contact us in case you urgently need to eliminate any water line breakdown.

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  • Сегодня моя кухонная раковина перестала сливаться после 32 лет надежного использования. Я пробовал щелочь, драно, жидкий сантехник и т. Д., Но ничего не получалось. В 11:00 я позвонил примерно дюжине водопроводчиков, которых я нашел с помощью Google, но ни один из них не смог сделать эту работу сегодня, кроме 5-звездного водопровода. Бен был у моей двери до 17:00. Он надел свои тканевые бахилы, чтобы не допустить попадания грязи в мой дом, и быстро приступил к работе по мойке в кухне. Его нужно было вытащить (75 футов) пару раз, и вот, мой сток работает как новый. Их цены конкурентоспособны (на самом деле немного ниже, чем у конкурентов), и Бен объяснил все, что делал, и ответил на мои бесчисленные вопросы, когда работал. Настоятельно рекомендуется.

  • I called 5-Star Plumbing to schedule a camera inspection and Peter, a friendly guy, answered the phone and put me on schedule for the next day. The next day, the technician was at my front door at the exact scheduled time. In no time, he located the clean out, put the camera inside, and had the video ready. The technician was very quick, professional, and friendly. My experience with 5-Star Plumbing was a very pleasant one. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

  • I was purchasing a house and my realtor advised that I do a camera inspection for the sewer line before purchasing. 5-Star technician came and ran the camera inside the sewer lines and was watching it right on his phone! The technology they have is awesome. Im really glad I did the camera inspection because there was actually a lot of roots in the pipes. The tech was able to provide me with video on the spot. Great Job guys. Will call you guys in the future.

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